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How long does a water heater last?

Between 8-12 years depending on the brand. There were around 60 gallons of water in this water heater when it broke. The damage was mainly in the utility room a... READ MORE

When should I call a restoration company?

Quick Mitigation is Best Water from a broken pipe does not do as much harm as one would think. However, waiting to call a restoration company can significantly ... READ MORE

Steps for business continuation

Maintaining Clients During a Flood A flood can can create a big mess for your commercial building. Here are some tips to stay open for your clients even after f... READ MORE

What do I do after my building floods

A commercial flood can cause a lot of problems for the continuation of business. Depending on the needs of your clients there are some tips to avoid closing up ... READ MORE

Commercial Storm Cleanup Procedures

There can be a thousand reasons for a flood to happen in a commercial building. In most storm situations, there will be roof damage or flooding from the ground.... READ MORE

Rental Property Eviction

Rental Property Cleaning in Burton, TXThe eviction of the renters in this home was needed after an inspection was done for the third time without messes being c... READ MORE